Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Facebook - converting your profile to a page

by Nico Boesten

This whole Facebook thing has changed the way most people in this universe communicate which is why I was this article is fascinating & could be extremely useful for a ton of people.

Basically, when Facebook starting taking off, a ton of people started adding personal profile pages on behalf of businesses / bands / companies and adding as many people as possible as "friends". Or, in my case, I started a Facebook profile to let people know about the new business I was starting.

But, the big difference between a Facebook Profile and Facebook Page is that with a PROFILE you have to add people as friends and get their permission to connect with you whereas with a PAGE, people can "LIKE" your page without you even knowing. It's open to the world. The other thing is that, let's say you posted some pictures of you beating a goose on your profile page... or some random and embarrassing shots of you drinking punch from a bowl on a roof at a superbowl party that you want all your real friends to see, but not any of your Facebook friends / fans / stalkers to see. This is where you're much better off to just have a Facebook PAGE instead and only post stuff on there that relates to your art / business / craft. Get it?

So, let's say you're like some of the people in our community who are musicians but never bothered to start a PAGE and don't want to have to "FRIEND" complete strangers in order to let them know about your music. Now you can convert your PROFILE to a PAGE and transfer all of those "FRIENDS" into "FANS" on your page by migrating it over.

Click here to start the process but just keep in mind that you can't reverse this so think thrice before you do this. You will lose all of your pictures / notes / and everything else you put onto your Facebook profile so if you do decide to migrate, you might want to download all of your content first by clicking here. But think of how cool you'd look with all those "fans" now eh?

So, to dumb it down even more - here's a little list for you list-lovers:

- share personal info that goes to everyone
- need to "friend" people

- less personal - won't show up in searches under your name (ie. your name is Mike Smith but your band name is "The Smitherines". It's just separate OK?
- Everyone & anyone can LIKE your page
- You can embed a LIKE BOX on your website to give an easy way for people to become your FAN without you needing to "accept their friendship". Click here for how to do that.

What are you going to do?

Thanks to the CDbaby DIY podcast for letting me know about this BTW.

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