Friday, May 6, 2011

Katalyst Artist Gatherings

Well, about 9 months ago, Graham Ord & Jason Vance started this little gathering meeting once a month at the Streaming Cafe. There have been so many different inspiring artists who have shared about their craft, how they got into it, and a chance to show off some of their work.

Some of the past artists have been guys like Dave Watland (visual artist), Mark Stone (writer), Andrew Smith (musician & rage activist), Coey Doak (musician) and then last night we had an amazing time with some local filmmakers / animation superstars Paul Cotton & Todd Ramsay.

These guys shared some amazing footage of stuff they've shot - everything from Big White promo flicks to seasonal time lapses to animated pickles plucking their nose hairs animated to some crazy bluegrass tune. Basically, for the love of all that is good and decent, check out their site(s).

It was so cool to be able to meet so many new people from the video community as well - there are some serious people in town here that have skills to pay the bills. Thanks again to Paul & Todd for showing off in a really humble way. Solid stuff boys.

Next month on June 2 from 7-9pm we'll be having a few Balfours (literally 3) with Nikki Balfour (visual artist), Jimmy Balfour (musician), and Jessica Balfour (photographer) sharing their brains with us. Should be good.

Remember, it's open to anyone and if there's a Canucks game on we could always stream it on the TVs there like we did this past week...

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