Monday, May 30, 2011

Tribehouse Art Leaks Blideo #3 - Peter Helms chats about art & hope

In this Art Leaks blideo, Graham Ord interviewed the one and only Peter Helms - an artist, speaker, philosopher, and international man of mystery with a really thick Dutch accent. He shares his theories and thoughts on art, faith, and hope.

What are your thoughts on this? Agree or disagree?


  1. I found this video very encouraging. Thanks for posting it.

  2. I am there at the moment, I am left wondering where on this planet I can find the freedom to be creative (In my case on canvass). Uk is going through a dangerous period at the moment. Our coalition knows nothing about Altruism in what they're trying to do. However there is hope ,because there are a lot of artists who are in the same boat,I suppose in difficult times it brings art people close together. Being true to myself is recognising that what I have created can be deemed as both light and dark.Also recognising that it is a gift in which God has given to me, No government or regime can take that away. It is also a gift that God has lent me, as God would remind me from time to time that He is the ultimate artist. Who else can create an eagle nebula (31 light years in length)? I am on c/o a website by a local artshop.. and I come under the name "Horius" Like very much what you are saying. many rgds Ben (ex-Arkie)

  3. Pete your wisdom and joy of expression of art in life is so inspiring. You may not remember me from Vegas but I'm an artist but what this did was make me see people lives as the canvas and how God creates a new master daily for us. As we take the truth and love and live with those we because a new beautiful garden of His delight daily. No matter were we are in life or how horrible a place and time maybe in the Love and Truth of GOD we can allow him to crete a master piece. We can also ask for expression for art they give of what He gives us. Blessed this morning as I listened thank you sir.