Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Shabby Road Beatles Bash

Well, after the super sweet involvement from musicians across the globe with the Johnny Cash Bash, we had to do another one...hence the Shabby Road Beatles Bash: a cover song challenge for any type of artist out there to record a Beatles cover tune.

Why include the word "Shabby" in the title, you ask? Check out the picture & watch the video for instructions (or read below if you like reading).

1. Decide on a BEATLES cover tune you'd like to do and record it using 1 mic / 1 video / 1 take with the instrument of your choice (no edits for musicians but if you're a visual artist or dancer etc., you can be more creative)

2. Upload your video to Youtube and include the word TRIBEHOUSE in the title. (Eg. Tribehouse Beatles Bash "yellow submarine")

3. Hop on over to our Tribehouse Facebook event page and click on "ATTENDING".

4. Brush your teeth and hair. (optional)

5. Post your Youtube link on this event page and watch the comments soar in like a flock of eagles but watch your ego batman.

On July 4 we'll post all of the Youtube vids in a blog post. Don't worry, we'll send ya a link and post it here as well.

It'll be a fun little way to see people from all over the galaxy posting their versions of Beatles tunes and who knows, maybe we'll even have some posts from some visual artists & belly dancers.

Have phun.

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