Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tribehouse Art Leaks Blideo #4 - Nikki & James Balfour

Nikki Balfour & James Balfour - doing their thang
by Nico Boesten
Interpretive dancing...yup - heard of that. But interpretive live painting with a custom spinning easel who got her start hanging work at a Starbucks? Yup, it happens. And it happened.

This Tribehouse Art Leaks Blideo features a local (Kelowna) couple that has more creativity in their belly-button lint than most people have in their entire brain meat. Speaking of meat, meet Nikki Balfour, a visual artist who does mainly abstract pieces and currently has her stuff hung at the Streaming Cafe.

The couple came and spoke at a Katalyst artist gathering on June 2, 2011 where Nikki portrayed with paint onto a canvas what she was hearing her husband (James) play on his guitar. Watch the vid to see it in action and find out more about how they got started and stuff.

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